West Richland

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West Richland …still growing and showing no signs of slowing down! This growth has attracted many new businesses, making its conveniences very appealing to its residents. West Richland real estate is fast becoming the “place to be” if you are looking for great starter home communities, rural country estates, or high end custom homes in the Tri-Cities area.  

What is boosting all of this growth for West Richland WA? Well it could be the host of exciting opportunities for the wine industry with the Red Mountain Winery area; or its convenient location to the rest of the Tri-Cities area, which is appealing for many entertainment and recreation activities such as the annual Hogs and Dogs festival. West Richland is home to a diverse selection of restaurants, local bistros and boutiques and provides a real “shopping local” feel.  Quiet neighborhoods, mature landscaping, and great views make the homes for sale in West Richland appealing to all types of buyers.     

West Richland Real Estate offers great outdoor destinations that capture the essence of working, living, and playing in the Pacific Northwest.  Whether it is a quiet evening of wine tasting at a local winery or a Saturday morning walk in one of the 13 city parks, West Richland offers a family friendly, small town feel even with all its growth, and an outdoor centric lifestyle that is truly unique.  It’s the perfect blend of urban and rural, fitting for an area that offers some of the best “blends” found in a wine bottle.  It is not hard to imagine why West Richland Real Estate is growing in popularity & lifestyle likeability.   
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