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There are many real estate agent's that are all about the transaction and the agent. I'm all about the relationship & the client. Keeping this as my focus has given me the freedom to slow down, focus on the opportunity to help families and clients with their real estate needs and really strive to do my job right and enjoy my work. If I've done this, by the end of the home buying/selling process, I've not only helped a client buy or sell a home, but I've earned a friend as well. I suppose that is one of my favorite aspects of real estate; earning someone's personal trust and friendship by way of a successful 'business transaction'. My approach with my clients and real estate is "proactive". With so many steps involved in buying and selling a home and all the third party vendors (title, escrow, inspector, appraiser, contractors, lenders, insurance agents, etc) also involved, and not to mention the emotional aspect of real estate, it can easily become a very overwhelming and stressful time. My goal is to not only keep clients informed throughout the transaction, but also keep my eyes open for any red flags or concerns that we can address early on, instead of being "reactive" and un-prepared. Communication and Expectations are two vital components I strive to keep as standard practice in my business. I've been a Broker/Realtor in the Tri-Cities since 2005 and loved every minute of it! Prior to working in real estate, I gained 6 years of experience in the banking and lending fields. I have found through out the years, that having a lending/finance background has provided a 'bigger picture" understanding of the home buying and selling process and resulted in better negotiations on homes for my clients. Real Estate has turned into a natural fit for me. I love the competition and the goal driven aspect of real estate and being able to ensure best results for clients, but I appreciate that it is 'my business' and I can make it as busy or relaxed as I choose. After having my second little girl in 2013, life has only become more crazy, unpredictable and stressful. Being a real estate agent has allowed me the freedom to take on as many clients as I feel I can service well and ensure that my goal of keeping my business relational, instead of transactional, is a reality for me. At this point, a good portion of my business is referral based, which is a completely humbling and proud accomplishment. When you enjoy your work as much as I do, I think it's an even tougher challenge to find the balance between family and a job you love. Luckily, my husband and little girls help me navigate this area well and we've learned how to strike up a pretty even co-existence between both worlds . I love that my job allows me to be home most days to pick up the girls from school, take off the weekends when we just need to head to the mountains and fish, but also meet a client at 9:30pm if we need to make a deal come together for them. Keeping a flexible outlook and an open mind in terms of schedules and work hours has been my greatest challenge and success thus far as a wife, mother & real estate agent. If I keep my mind on successful 'relationships' and earning the trust of my clients by being a great real estate agent, the rest just follows. I would love the opportunity to help you with any of your real estate needs or questions. I look forward to hearing from you.
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Monica Brown

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